It wasn’t my fault

No, I swear, it wasn’t on purpose. I really had no idea. If you will stop shouting, I’ll explain what happened.

Remember, you told me to change the material in the second stage of the organic pool filter, so I took the truck and went to Lowes and got 100 pounds of silica sand. Then, on your instruction, I put the sand in the wash box and gave it a good cleaning with water and turned it. On the second day, I repeated the process. Then I let it dry for two days. After it was dry, I removed the old sand from the filter, washed the filter box and transferred the new sand to the filter box.

Yeah, I know the pool stinks to high heaven, and I’m real sorry about that. OK, so I did leave the cover off the wash box, but I never saw the cats.

My friend is remodeling in her bathroom

My other friend has decided to do some remodeling in her house. She wants to make a new bathroom and to enlarge her bedroom. She purchased all of her materials and plans to purchase her shutter blinds Manchester. She did very well at picking out the appliances and extras for her new rooms. The bathroom will have new toilet and shower but the bedroom will be the largest transformation. She plans to add bench seats in the windows, and an expansion on the closet. The colors she is using will remind me of the beach house we stayed in last summer. She is remaking that bedroom she fell in love with. It promises to be beautiful and a total redo. The bedroom will first be painted and then the inserts will be added. I am not sure how she plans to redo her closet but she said it was very important to do.